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Welcome to Salina Soccer Club - Salina, Ks

General Information on Club Soccer:

Concession Stand Team Requirements:
For some of you that are new to the club or may not be aware of the club requirements for the concession stand.  We ask each team to be involved in the fall and spring season usually working 2-4 shifts per season, depending on our number of teams.  The funds go directly to the scholarship account and the mentor program.  By working in the concession stand this allows your team to be eligible for both programs.  We greatly depend on each team to volunteer to make this program a success.

The Club would like all coaches to be licensed if they choose to coach a club team.   SSC holds clinics in Salina where the courses can be taken, some courses can be taken online.  The KSYSA now requires all Coaches to carry a F license, this license can be taken online. 

The Salina Soccer Club will form all recreational teams by registration forms.  If a team is formed together outside the club this would classify the team as a Classic/Competitive team.  All SSC teams are required to purchase the club uniform

Youth players will become “free agents” on the first Saturday in June after the completion of the State Cup tournament. They shall remain free agents until July 15, or until they are registered with KSYSA and rostered with a team, whichever occurs first. After July 15, a player will still be considered a free agent until such time as they register and roster to a team

Teams are classified by how they were formed and placed in one of the following classifications:

A team is classified as Recreational if the team participates in an inter-club or intra-club league in which: (a) the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited, and the coach may not exclude any previously rostered player; (b) the clubs administering the league accept as participants in the league any and all eligible youths (subject to reasonable terms of registration) and will be responsible for assignment of players to teams; (c) there is an established league rule requiring that each player play at least one half of each game except for reasons of injury, illness, discipline or reasonable cause; and (d) teams are required to accept player assignments provided there is room on the roster.

A team is classified as a Classic Team if the team participates in a league in which: (a) the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is permitted; and, (b) there are no regulations requiring that the coaches be licensed.

A team is classified as a Premier Team if the team participates in an interclub league in which no rule restricts the manner in which players may be rostered to participating teams, except for rules which: (a) define and prohibit unethical recruiting behavior; or (b) limit the participation of players previously rostered to another team.

A "Soccer Academy" is a group of Under 8 through Under 19 registered KSYSA recreational players who desire to participate with other players without following the recreational team formation rules. Players must register with their home association and may or may not be on a recreational team. Academies are to be governed by KSYSA Youth Associations, and KSYSA Youth Associations may host as many Soccer Academies as they deem desirable. Academy teams are governed by the league in which they participate. Recruiting is not allowed on Soccer Academy teams. Soccer Academies are to be used for training, not recruiting.

Roster size:                                      Players on the field:
U-8:                   8 players                             4v4
U-9 and U-10:   11 players                             6v6                 
U-11 and U-12: 13 players                             8v8  
U-13 to U15:     18 players                           11v11  

A player may be rostered to two or more teams simultaneously during the seasonal year. Unless the teams involved are members of the same Club and the Club rosters its players to the Club rather to individual teams, such a player is a “Multiple Roster” player. Any player wishing to be multiple rostered must complete a KSYSA Multiple Roster Request form. This form will designate the player’s “primary” and “secondary” teams and must be signed by the player, his/her parent or legal guardian, and a coach from each involved team.

The seasonal year shall be from September 1, to August 31, of the following year. Youth players registering (in the customary practice and form adopted by the member league/association) with a team between July 15, and August 31, for sanctioned competition which will continue into the subsequent soccer year will, at the time of registration, be deemed registered to the team for the subsequent year.

AGE GROUPING  (this is a great link)

         2014-2015 Fall Spring Season

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